Kids Scooter Buying Guide

There are many different types of kid scooters. They come in many styles and colors. This is because there is a variety of ages that buy them and each one has a different level of skills when it comes to riding one.

When you are browsing and looking at best kids scooters you will notice that there are two different types of scooters being electric and self powered kick scooters. Each category that involves the scooters still have many variations that you need to consider before picking out one. With our buying guides and reviews of kids scooters we would like to provide clear and unbiased information for parents looking to buy a scooter for their kids.

This buying guide is for kick scooters but we also have a special buying guide for .

Take a look at some of the bestselling and top-rated children’s scooters below, to have an idea which is popular right now:


Bestselling Kid Scooters

Model Our Rating Listing Price
Model Our Rating Listing Price
4 1/2 Stars $180.00
5 Stars $79.99
4 1/2 Stars $129.99
4 1/2 Stars $200.00
4 Stars $49.99


Kids Scooter trickScooter Categories

Kick Scooters For Kids

A kick scooter has two or more wheels and a few of the models can do tricks when others might not do as many tricks. Here are a few of the best kick scooters available today online:

This is a good kick scooter and is very much affordable.  You can find it for around $40 and above online. The Razor A2 Kick Scooter is recommended for ages 5 years and above. One of the best things about this scooter is that it just weighs 6 pounds.

: If you are trying to find a kick scooter for a young child then this might be the one. It was made for the young one in mind. You can also find it online for $32 and above. It has large wheels on it and this is another reason as to why it is easy for young ones to ride.

: This scooter was designed for ages 6-10 years old. It comes with a T-bar and available for around $130. It’s also very lightweight and weighing in at just 5.5 lbs children can maneuver around without any problems plus they can pick it up as needed and carry it around with them.

Electric Scooter for Kids

: This electric scooter is recommended for ages 8 years old and above with the max weight of 120 pounds. The handlebars are adjustable. Another great thing about this scooter is even though it is electric, it’s generally quiet. You can find it online starting around $150 and above.

: Travel up to around 10 miles per hour with this scooter. You will find that you can get it online for around $199 or more. The motor is 150 watt  and so that’s what makes it a great scooter.  The reason why this scooter helps out with the environment is because you don’t need gasoline for it and it’s completely green and clean to ride for 5 miles. Ideal electric scooter for kids for home to school.

: If you are trying to find ways to help with environment then this might be the one for you to get. However, it does cost around $270 and above but it is for sure with it.  It’s built solidly and because of how solid it is built the scooter is extremely durable. Durability is important and another thing to take into consideration as you are trying to research and find a scooter.

More Tips for Buying Online

When you want to buy one of the electric scooters always make sure that you review the battery runtime of the scooter. Some might last longer than others and that is one thing to take into consideration. A few of the cheap electric scooters might not have extremely long battery runtime compared to some of the more expensive electric scooters. Models that might cost more still could have shorter battery life regardless so it’s still important to check no matter how much they cost.

Always take into consideration where your child might be riding the scooter. Scooters are not generally recommended for terrain that is rough or for surfaces that might be loose. A lightweight kick scooter is ideal for the child that might just want to take a cruise and enjoy the neighborhood. Review the area and make sure that a scooter is safe for your child to ride before you get one. Keeping up with the maintenance on it is important. The reason why is when you properly care for your scooter then it can last longer. Don’t always depend on your child to keep up with the maintenance on it because you might need to look at a few things. Check out the wheels on it and bolts. Keep in mind most warranties only last 90 days so if something happens within 90 days you need to react fast before the warranty expires but sometimes you can prevent something from happening.

When you’re buying a scooter be sure to check out what safety equipment is available. In some places it is required that children must wear helmets plus knee pads. You can also find safety equipment locally if you are not sure as to what size helmet to buy for your child. There are also a variety of colors that you can pick from when it comes time to buying a or . Always be aware of pedestrians and other people on the road when your children are on the scooters. Children can get excited and forget to look around so remind them to keep an eye out for other people and animals. Avoid riding recklessly when other people are around you and make sure that your children are going at a speed that is appropriate to avoid accidents that could happen from speeding on the scooters.


Riding scooters with your children can be tons of fun. It’s a great way to spend time with your children and it’s also a good way for your children to remain active outside. There are some very popular kick scooters like the and the . If you’re on a budget then just research online and find a scooter that you can afford within your budget. Regardless of your budget you should still be able to find a high quality scooter that your children will love and enjoy riding. Don’t forget to take pictures of them riding on their scooters so that way they can show off their scooter to their friends and other family members.

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